IUPUI Television Services

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IUPUI Campus Housing Residents: Report any problems with your digital cable TV or XFINITY On Campus to Housing and Residence Life

IUPUI Television Services

UITS Television Services has a new viewing experience for the IUPUI campus.

In the summer of 2016 IUPUI transitioned to an all-digital linear cable TV channel lineup and to the XFINITY On Campus IPTV television services.

The new linear cable TV service provides a quality viewing experience in all of our campus buildings. The new digital service provides 74 channels for non-resident buildings and 85 channels for resident housing buildings.

In addition to the linear cable TV system IUPUI Housing residents now have access to TV online through XFINITY On Campus. The XFINITY On Campus service provides housing residents many options to customize their viewing experience. While also allowing for additional services and packages to be added on a per user basis. XFINITY On Campus provides residents the ability to access to live TV, on demand and cloud DVR services over the IUPUI network.


TV Guide Listings

  • The Link below will take you to the IUPUI Cable provider's website.
  • On the left hand side you will see "Change Lineup".
  • Click on this box and you will be able to change the zip code to "46202" to view the Indianapolis Area TV guide
  • Channel Guide Listing


Channel Lineups

IUPUI provides two channel lineups for the Indianapolis campus

  • 85 channels for our resident buildings
  • 74 channels for our non-Resident buildings
  • Please choose a lineup for the correct IUPUI campus building


XFINITY On Campus is an Internet Protocol television (IPTV) streaming service delivered over the campus wired and wireless data networks as part of IUPUI Television Services.

  • IUPUI is the first campus in the state of Indiana to deploy XFINITY On Campus
  • This new service is only available to IUPUI housing residents
  • For more about XFINITY On Campus, see XFINITY's About XFINITY On Campus page.
  • The XFINITY On Campus service website can be found here XFINITY On Campus
  • You can also download the XFINITY On Campus app from your phone's "application store"

If you are having troubles connecting to XFINITY On Campus:

  • Start from XFINITY On Campus
  • Follow the prompts to select your campus and log in with your IU username and passphrase
  • Once you are logged in click "Support".

IUPUI Digital Cable TV

Setup Issues

Most TV user manuals describe QAM tuners in a section titled "TV System", "Television System", or similar. Terms such as "NTSC" or "ATSC" should also appear in this section. If "QAM" isn't mentioned, your TV might not contain a QAM tuner. Before purchasing a TV, confirm that the seller allows returns or exchanges in case it doesn't tune digital channels.

Configuring a TV for the IUPUI campus TV system:Tuning Digital Channels

    Common issues with scanning digital channels on a TV:

  • Make sure the TV is set up to receive Cable TV.(Every TV can be set up to receive channels from either from an antenna or from a cable system.)
  • The setting for antenna is usually named either ANTENNA or AIR.(If the TV is configured for this setting it will only receive the local off-air broadcast channels.)
  • To receive IUPUI's cable channels, the correct TV setting is CABLE or CATV (or similar terminology).

If you have a signal quality or cable repair issue please visit the links below:

Resident Channel Lineup

Resident Channel Lineup

Non-Resident Channel Lineup

Non-Resident Channel Lineup